Empowering Coaching for Women

Love your body.

Learn to breathe and move with mindfulness to revitalize your mind-body connection and to love your body.

Soma means the living body in its wholeness.

As a Somatic Educator, I guide you to become aware of how your mind – thoughts and feelings – affect your body and vice versa.

Throughout my 30 plus years of teaching, I supported hundreds of individuals heal from chronic pain, physical, and emotional restrictions, so they can enjoy a flexible pain-free lifestyle that integrates body and mind.

Let’s identify your specific needs, find the source of your restrictions and tailor a plan for you to gain freedom of movement, vitality and youth.

Revitalize your body through movements


Connect to your body


Resolve unresolved issues


Free your heart


Live with awareness and joy

What My Clients Are Saying

“Aerin helped me to recover my connection to my body. I feel revitalized and young again.”

Ari Vasquez

“Aerin's classes have been helping me to develop spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.”

Lorena Insabralde

“Aerin guided me to experience my feet on the ground and the support from the earth all the way up through my spine.”

Ari Vasquez

“Aerin's classes have made me stronger, fitter, softer and sharper.”

Lorena Insabralde

“Every session with Aerin is magical. I am so grateful!”

Vanessa Saul

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    Is chronic pain draining your energy? Are you looking for long term solutions?

    Bring back your attention to your body and strengthen it with ease and pleasure. It is easier than you may think.