Somatic Life Educator

Throughout my 30 plus years of teaching, I supported hundreds of individuals heal from chronic pain, physical, and emotional restrictions, so they can enjoy a flexible pain-free lifestyle that integrates body and mind.

What I do

I work with women in private and group sessions providing services as a somatic educator, movement instructor, and mindfulness therapist.

I guide individuals to become aware of their bodies and how their emotions and thoughts affect their health, and to overcome obstacles and gain mental, physical, and emotional clarity.

My work focuses on healing chronic pain, releasing stress, anxiety, restoring vitality, sleeping better and deeper, and solving psychosomatic issues.

I am:
I have:

I know what is to be sick...

…experiencing chronic pain with no hope for recovery, but I know that not only is healing possible, but it is a part of life.

Recovery is an option available to all. Mindful movement and awareness are core tools I use for releasing unnecessary stress, returning to the natural breath, and finding ease and pleasure in daily functional movements.

My Journey Began in Buenos Aires, Argentina…

…where at the age of 8 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which attacked my joints and heart. I was bedridden for months until a doctor forced me out of bed and got me into sports.

I was just skin and bones with wobbly joints and low self-esteem, but swimming and volleyball brought me back to life.

Through sport and movement...

…I experienced my muscles strong, more physical stability, confidence, and purpose. I also fell in love with dance and by the age of 15, I was teaching women’s exercise classes.

I also wanted to pay attention to my nutritional habits and I switched from my family’s meat-dairy based diet to a Macrobiotic one based on holistic nutrition.

I lived under a dictatorship, I endured abuse from both inside and outside my home that left me unrooted and fearful. I lost my footing and began on a quest for a deeper understanding of myself and my life. That quest took me to the United States.

From my training in exercise physiology, I learned that exercise was not only essential for physical wellbeing, but also for mental health.

Exercise improves mood and aids in discipline. I feel happier when I am active, breathing, and moving.

Working out has helped me sustain good nutritional habits and routines as well as mental clarity and focus.

In Los Angeles, I met Carlos Castaneda...

…anthropologist and author, and became his student. I had read his books when I was 14 years old and it was such a wonderful experience that boosted my education and gave direction to my purposes.

I learned about skeletal alignment and to move from something deeper than my muscles. He taught me breathing sequences to heal traumatic experiences.

Through mindful movements he said that I could repair damaged tissue, rewire my brain and connect to something deeper within myself.

Energetic movements awoke the Warrior in me.

Deep intentional breathing and self-directed attention helped me to reorganize my nervous system.

I learned that the process of healing involves owning my inner strength, my beauty, my power.

I became an A+ student and my self-esteem increased. I could support myself and share with others tools to thrive.

I am on a journey of constant developing as a mother, partner, friend, and teacher, and I would love to invite you to begin your own journey.

How do I work with my clients and students?

I create a tailored program to fulfill individual needs and create optimal health at all levels.

I am most well versed in solving:
Once you learn to reorganize yourself, your body shapes change as well.

I lead you on a journey of self-discovery to free your physical body that holds your personal history.