Let’s identify your specific needs!

We’ll find the source of your restrictions and tailor a plan for you to gain freedom of movement, vitality and youth.

Stress shapes your physical body!

Thoughts, beliefs, and life experiences shape not only your perspective but also the connective tissue through your body.

Mental stress and emotions can be rebalanced by rebooting the nervous system using “self-organization”, which organizes your skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems to function in optimal ways.

Performed with clear intention, movement and breath sequences can inspire new and powerful, feelings, perceptions, and ideas.

Let’s work together

Did you know that the way you stand, the hours you spent sitting, and how you lift weights can create chronic pain and weakness? No worries! We can fix it.

Single Session

Somatic Life Coaching to connect to your body and resolve aches, migraines, stress, and anxiety. Tailored to your individual. Receive my full attention to support you in listening to your body and shift.

It includes:

Three Weeks Program

Somatic Life Coaching and awareness tools to solve restrictions, chronic pain, joint weakness, reduce anxiety and stress, etc. Tailored to your individual needs. Receive my full attention to support you in healing and listening to your body.

It includes:

Twelve Weeks Program

Somatic Life Coaching to connect and detox your body, overcome chronic pain, and create a program to sustain your gains over time. Tailored to your individual needs. Receive my full attention on a committed and profound work for long-lasting results.

It includes:

Choose a short or a long-term program, we will meet weekly online or in person!

Own your body, Own your power

Move your Feet

Experience support from the ground and a firm clear standing at work and with your family.

Breathe into your Hips

Increase your energy, flexibility, and pleasure in movement.

Free your Heart

Let go of the weight in your shoulder, neck, and chest to feel lighter and happier.

I am here to support you


Strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent pelvic prolapse and infections


Free your shoulders and neck to prevent chronic migraines


Breathe generously and release anxiety and stress


Gather energy to prevent exhaustion and depression


Relax for a sound sleep to wake up refreshed

What My Clients Are Saying

“Aerin has the power to go directly to the depths of your soul, and from there guide you so that you can heal from the root.”

Vanessa Saul

“I am amazed at her ability to bring different perceptions to my issues and how that sets me free me to be happy and present in my life.”

Veronica Gonzales

“Aerin's words of encouragement come with great affection and her support helped me to create new healthy habits.”

Veronica Gonzales

“Aerin guided me to uncover the power of my hips.”

Ari Vasquez

“Aerin’s sessions are full of heart.”

Veronica Gonzales
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Bring back your attention to your body and strengthen it with ease and pleasure. It is easier than you may think.